How to Prevent Rats and Mice in the Home


Rats and mice are a potentially harmful pest to have around the house. Not only can they carry deadly viruses and diseases that can harm you and your pets, but they are also hungry all the time. A rat or mouse can quickly find your bread or other food source and tear away. If they run across a dog or cat, they can leave it with a deadly disease, even if the pet does kill the rat. It is never a good idea to send your pets after pests like these.

rats and mice

Rats and mice carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans and other animals through their nasty bite. They can also be transmitted through their droppings and their urine. This means, even though you weren’t bit by the pest, they can still infect you by crawling through your food. Getting rid of rats and mice should be your top priority if you have noticed an infestation started. Stopping them before they begin to multiply is essential

1) Remove any possible food sources from reach.

Rats and mice are like all other pests, they want your food. If there is a loaf of bread left on the table, they will go for it. This goes for all possible food sources. Rats love to eat just about everything. Close your garbage can to prevent them from getting inside and finding your old food. If you have a garden, keep your fruits and vegetables off the ground. Keep food for the pet sealed away in a safe container through the night. Once a pest finds a food source, they will always come back.

2) Remove any possible sources of water.

Pests like water too. This includes leaking pipes or open toilet bowls. If a rat or a mouse finds a good source of water, they will continue to migrate back for more. When they reproduce, their babies may also frequent the spot. Stopping the problem at its roots forces them to look elsewhere outside of the home for nourishment. If there is a single leaking pipe, they will find it. Have your home inspected carefully if at all possible.


3) Seal up any possible cracks or holes through your walls.

Rats need a home and your walls are the perfect hiding place. Like in the old cartoons, if you have holes in your walls, the mice will find them. Seal away any holes or cracks you find throughout your home. Inspect the perimeter carefully. There could always be a small crack you are missing. A mouse can squeeze its body through the smallest crevice. Seal your entire border tightly and don’t allow anything to come in or go out through your walls.

4) Avoid poisons if possible.

Many of the poisons used to kill rats can also be potentially harmful to humans and pets. If you accidentally consume any of these chemicals, it can leave you in the hospital. There are plenty of natural techniques that don’t require these hazardous conditions. When your problem becomes that serious, consider hiring a professional exterminator to handle the job.